offline Wednesday 6th September 2017 11:20:00

UPDATE: is online again - all repositories where checked and re-published if needed.

The data partition showed major issues - resulting in a shutdown of the file system. We are currently analyzing the problem and trying to bring the service up again.

Please use meanwhile to get a list of other openSUSE mirrors.

Most data recovered, starting the official service again. We are still validating some data in the repositories, so not everything is accessible yet. Please note that some /repositories/* directories might contain old files until the next sync from OBS. In that regard, rsync access to is still disabled until we verified that really everything is ok on the master server.

Only recovered 9 from 14TB data. Syncing the rest of the data from backup and backend machines now. should be fully functional again tomorrow, Thursday 2017-09-07.

Still no good news from the original machine. Meanwhile we changed the DNS entries to point to a mirror server in Provo. Please excuse the low bandwidth and delays for the moment, we are working on a permanent fix.