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Stickied Incidents

19th February 2019

GPG Keyserver gone forever

Until further notice, due to the possible GDPR incompatibility of sks-keyserver software, we took down our part of the pool.

Full story about sks GDPR take-down notice:

12th February 2019

Connect - The Social network outage machine is down atm - we are investigating

Past Incidents

4th August 2018

Pastebin broken by cookies from other * subdomains

UPDATE: A fix has been applied on the side currently gets broken by cookies from other * subdomains and only prints a Disallowed Key Characters. error message.


  • open in a private browser window or
  • use For existing links to, replacing the domain with will work and give you the pasted content


It turned out that and send out cookies with a cookie domain of "*", and one of these cookies breaks

We'll restrict the cookie domain, but until this is done, you can delete your cookies to "fix" Note that this will only last until you visit again (until we have fixed the cookie domain there).


These cookies get sent by more services - we are aware of, news.o.o, lizards.o.o, bugzilla and forums.o.o. Follow for more technical details.


This was fixed on